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Since 1997, our team has been committed to supporting SF6 gases. With the rapid development of my country’s electricity industry and therefore the expansion of urban scale, there are more and more high equipment. Most of those equipment use SF6 gas as an insulating gas, and SF6 gas is one among the greenhouse gases that cause heating .

Our mission is to safely handle SF6 gases to protect our earth.。

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We are the assembly factory, quality assurance, to avoid middlemen earn a difference, manufacturers direct sales, after-sales service guarantee, you’ll also consistent with your must customize the products you would like . we’ve 23 years of experience in that specialize in SF6 gas, and may provide you with professional SF6 services and SF6 life cycle products


The total amount of SF6 gas used in each province is recorded and managed according to the steel cylinder. The cylinders will be transferred to the recycling base at high processing efficiency. After treatment, the unqualified SF6 gas is refilled into the gas chamber cylinder after being inspected by the metering department. The whole process is closed-loop to realize zero emission


The SF6 recycling service including a triler device and full recovery Then fill purification equipment and measuring instrument of vehicle enters the parking site maintenance unqualified gas space, direct recovery purification unqualified SF6 gas, return air chamber Maintenance cycle is short, users don’t need to invest any money to buy measuring instrument and the new gas SF6 gas processing equipment Field service allows immediate reuse of SF6 exhaust gas

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Application of SF6 gas in electric industry

Safety and Environmental Protection Treatment Scheme for SF6 Gas Insulation Equipment for Thermal Power and Wind Power and Solar Power High-voltage Transmission and Distribution

Application of SF6 gas in substation

In order to ensure the normal operation of SF6 gas insulation equipment, customers do not need to peroxidation the new natural gas. SF6 gas treatment equipment can ensure that SF6 equipment is updated and qualified and can meet IEC standards and national standards

Application of SF6 gas in high-voltage switch manufacture

Manufacturers of SF6 gas insulated equipment undergo extensive testing during development, including testing in extreme environments. an outsized amount of SF6 gas is employed . we will provide an entire set of environmentally friendly recycling solutions to form the production of such equipment safer and more efficient.

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