About us


Since 1997, our team has been committed to supporting SF6 gases. With the rapid development of my country’s electricity industry and therefore the expansion of urban scale, there are more and more high equipment. These devices use SF6 gas as an insulating gas, while SF6 gas is one among the greenhouse gases that cause heating .

Our mission is to securely handle SF6 to guard our planet. at the present , we’ve sold thousands of SF6 recycling devices worldwide, and 10 SF6 treatment centers are established nationwide, and SF6 gas is purified and recovered. In accordance with IEC and national standards, we offer SF6 for recycling of recycling of recycling for the facility industry in accordance with IEC and national standards. the utilization of SF6 gases in China is closed-loop system , and therefore the gas altogether SF6 insulating equipment are going to be recorded. The recordings include: 1, new purity 99.999% SF6 gas number record. 2, the amount of ungenerate waste SF6 gases is recorded. All SF6 gases, both new or old, must be monitored and recorded. The more new gases purchased, the more old gases are emissions. the amount of SF6 gases are going to be recorded within the carbon emission index. the way to reduce SF6 emissions requires recycling of SF6 gases. China power station will purchase a group of SF6 processing equipment during construction period. However, thanks to the massive number of substations, there are two SF6 reuse modes. One may be a centralized recovery, and therefore the SF6 gas is collected to the close recycle base. differently is to sign the recycling service agreement, and our staff will perform the equipment to hold the equipment.

What Do We Do

We provide full set equipment and repair , including SF6 gas measurement, SF6 gas treatment, SF6 gas equipment maintenance and professional training.