SF6 gas cylinder to air chamber


The mobile refueling device is mounted on the cylinder truck to facilitate the carrying of the cylinders. The main pressure gauge of the pressure reducing valve is represented by bar, psi and kPa. The secondary pressure gauge indicates the required filling pressure and can be easily set with a handle. The pressure in the bottle can be reduced to the desired filling pressure through the integrated pressure relief valve. The self-closing coupling in this mobile loader allows emission without SF6 gas handling.

Mobile SF6 charging truck

Other features:

Stable frame

Available as accessories for the world’s most commonly used bottle connection

Hose reel

Self – closing coupling to prevent discharge

Coupling replacement feasible, no gas loss

We have SF6 gas filling device, electronic weighing 0-120kg

Model name :RF-JW for reliable refill of SF6 gas through overpressure

We also have mobile evacuation and replenishment cylinder trucks

Schema name :RF-JV

All equipment can be added heating function.