Multi-function service car SF6 recycling, analysis and reuse multi-function service vehicle


During the utilization of high-voltage equipment, the varied parameters of the SF6 insulating gas will change with the utilization of your time and changes within the environment.

Under the action of high-power arc, spark discharge, and corona , SF6 gas can decompose a spread of products. additionally , alittle amount of impurities like air, moisture, oil , etc. could also be mixed during the gas filling process. Contains or may produce certain toxic substances.

Our company’s cars are beat a service service car including SF6 gas leakage monitoring (real-time monitoring of any leakage during the filling process), SF6 gas comprehensive analyzer (SF6 gas purity, humidity and a number of other decomposition products measurement), vacuum pumping equipment ( After the air within the evacuation equipment contacts the air), heating and refilling equipment (the equipment flushes fresh gas cylinders), and is provided with an SF6 recovery and purification device (which can realize the recovery and reuse of SF6 gas, then returns to the high-pressure equipment for purification after filtering. Purification) an entire set of gas treatment equipment, after arriving at the scene, one-stop treatment of SF6 gas meets IEC standards.

Re-inject the SF6 gas back to the equipment for reuse. Economical, environmentally friendly and reliable.

Advantages of the service car:

Minimize waste disposal costs

Reduced the value of latest SF6 gas

Reduced transportation expenses

Reduce storage costs

The purity of the prepared SF6 gas is fully compliance with IEC 60480 “Standard for Using SF6 Gas”. Value gained


SF6 gas volume

Decomposition products (sulfur dioxide)

It is much less than the reference value of the IEC 60480 directive, and even less than the worth stipulated in IEC 60376 (the new SF6 gas regulation) and China GB/T 12022/2006 (the Chinese standard for the new SF6 gas).

You can find an summary of the IEC standard for SF6 gas here.